• Foodindustry

  • Livestock

  • Cruise Liner

  • Cosmetic and Pharma Industry

  • Pressure Water Sanitation in Biogas Plants

  • Filler Flushing

  • Cooling Towers → No Biofilm → No legionella

  • Beverage Industry

Welcome to aquagroup AG

aquagroup AG is a technology-based company established with the aim to significantly improve general hygiene conditions in various industries. We make not only foods safer but improve hygiene wherever water is used. Our concepts save water and time and reduce energy costs and the use of chemicals.

Industrial user of aquagroup AG’s products:

  • Filler Flushing
  • Bottle Rinsing
  • Capper Rinsing
  • CIP
  • Water Sanitation
  • Water Tank Sanitation
  • Disinfection of pressurized water
  • Pool und Jacuzzi Disinfection (Hotel, Cruise Liner)
  • Surface Disinfection
  • Intermediate hygienic Rinsing
  • Box Washing
  • Knife Sterilisation
  • Poultry carcass washing application
  • Potable water treatment application
  • Fruits and vegetables sanitation application
  • Pipe line flushing and Tank disinfection

Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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