Two aquagroup facilities at Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia in Russia installed

A special project was jointly implemented with Ecolab GmbH and Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia in Russia. The Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia plants in Moscow and Istra were equipped with aquagroup devices for the production of NADES 2.0.

The implementation on site was supported by the Russian-born staff member of aquagroup Andreas Gaidai, Technical Purchase and Administration. “It’s very special to me that our plants can now be found in my home country, ” he says, “The teamwork with the Ecolab employees and the Coca-Cola technicians was fun and went smoothly. ”

While in Moscow only the CIP is treated with NADES 2.0, the CIP and the drinking water are treated in Istra. Due to high demands, Coca-Cola pays attention to strictly comply with the hygiene rules and is thus on the safe side by using NADES 2.0.