ECA technology in a new design – aquagroup ECON

The ECA (Electro Chemical Activated Water) technology is represented not only in the beverage industry, but also in many other industries. Nevertheless, it has not been affordable for every company.

Now aquagroup AG presents a solution for smaller businesses.

The aquagroup ECON

In the final quarter of 2014, the aquagroup AG will present its latest development: the ECON. “With the ECON generator we want to give smaller businesses the opportunity to benefit from our ECA technology,” says Markus Zetzlmann, CEO of aquagroup AG. Established for over ten years in the ECA technology sector, aquagroup AG develops and constructs its high-quality equipment at its factory in Weiden (Germany).

Using approved technology

“Our goal was to further develop the robust and stable aquagroup generators in a way that we can offer our customers a cost effective alternative”, adds Zetzlmann, “We succeeded in achieving this with the ECON. Its simplified control system makes it also easy to use. ”

Filler spraying for any size of business

The ECON is primarily used for the production of ECA for the filler spraying. In addition to the proven, patented technology of piped filler spraying, the aquagroup AG offers a mobile spraying unit. This unit distinguishes itself with a high flexibility: nozzle lines can be changed, adapted, supplemented or removed at short notice; because of its size it is location-flexible and space saving. Just like the ECON, it is low maintenance, easy to use and inexpensive. It is ideal for smaller breweries and beverage companies, since here a major investment is often not justified by the usually small daily needs.