Generated in-situ – microbiologically safe

In the cosmetics sector, NADES 2.0 is mainly used for sanitation of drinking water and process water, as well as for the cleaning of mixers (CIP) and filling lines. In this context, process water also includes the water used for the production of the cosmetic products. This results in increased product safety. The used concentrations of NADES 2.0 in drinking water applications are within the range of drinking water regulations. When cleaning mixers and filling lines, higher concentrations are used.

The objectives pursued are improvement of the microbiological situation as well as potential time savings during cleaning to increase the production volume. Furthermore, the use of NADES 2.0 improves product stability.

Very good microbiological efficacy, reduction of biofilm, and the fact that NADES 2.0 is not a hazardous substance – in contrast to conventional sodium hypochlorite – are just some of the advantages.

Furthermore, production in-situ, i.e. on site / just-in-time, eliminates the need for transport, storage and disposal of canisters. We provide staff security combined with microbiological safety plus sustainability.

Generate your own disinfectant on site!

We will be happy to make you an individual offer!


Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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