Sustainable, alternative disinfection of potable and swimming pool water on board

To supply passengers and crew members with fresh, hygienically clean water is challenging on cruise ships. Shipboard potable water (drinking, bathing, whirlpools, etc.) is either purchased onshore or generated on board from seawater via reverse osmosis systems or evaporators. Additional requirements must be followed to maintain hygienic standards.

Among various other requirements, the water on board is treated according to USPH standards (United States Public Health Service). As per USPH, Chlorine levels need to be between 3-10 mg/liter. USPH inspects each of most vessels twice a year to ensure compliance with these standards as well as other USPH requirements.

Using the aquagroup generators, you not only meet the requirements of the USPH, but also generate your own disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite based on electrolysis with 5,000 ppm in concentrate) on board. Only water, electricity and salt are required for production. Harmless resources that are available worldwide.

In addition to the very good microbiological efficacy, the advantages are biofilm reduction as well as the fact that NADES 2.0 is not a hazardous substance – as opposed to conventional sodium hypochlorite. In addition, transport, storage and disposal of canisters are avoided by means of in-situ, i.e. on site, production.

We therefore offer employee safety combined with microbiological safety plus sustainability.

Our generators dnvare already in use on numerous cruise ships with various applications in the area of drinking water and pool water disinfection. Of course, our devices are DNV approved!

Generate your own disinfectant on site!

We will be happy to make you an individual offer!

Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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