Clean water – healthy animals

The destruction of germs in drinking water pipes takes place in a matter of seconds and results in the complete degradation of the deposited bio-film.

The system is then kept free of germs permanently from then on by means of a continuous supply of NADES 2.0. The improvement of cleaning and disinfection processes using NADES 2.0 has resulted in savings in personnel, water and power. The use of NADES 2.0 also means that there is no need to use any aggressive chemicals.

The distribution of a NADES 2.0 aerosol eliminates spores and bacteria in the air. In principle this results in a cleaner environment for the animals in the incubation process. The atomization of NADES 2.0 also reduces the odor of ammonia in the shed.

By adding NADES 2.0 to the drinking water, bacteria are killed and therefore cross-contamination can be prevented, which in turn results in the animals enjoying better health.

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Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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