our standard and philosophy – pure and uncompromising service:
genuine partnership and customer dedication

Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative solutions to make their operations both safer and more economically efficient. We offer well-targeted process analyses for all aspects of hygiene and disinfection. Our hotline with 24-hour emergency service will be happy to help you with sound expert knowledge – fast and reliable.
Throughout the entire cooperation our customers have access to competent support and assistance by aquagroup AG’s technicians and scientists – to optimize your processes on site and support you in all matters both of a scientific and practical nature.

Many renowned customers are already putting their confidence in our comprehensive service package:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Consulting services in all matters of hygiene protection
  • Well-targeted process analyses
  • Permanent process support by top-trained technicians and scientists
  • Service work administered by specially trained service engineers
  • Competent support over the phone by specially trained office staff
  • Sound legal expertises
  • Field-relevant testing

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