NADES 2.0 Generator

NADES 2.0 (anolyte) is produced in situ – atNADES_20_Generator the place of consumption and use. For the production only water, electricity and salt are required. These generators are built and provided by aquagroup AG.

The aquagroup AG NADES 2.0 generator generates sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) using a special electrolytic process. In this case, a saturated brine solution (NaCl) is passed through a cell and split into chemical streams via electrolysis. The patented cells with a titanium electrode containing a platinum, iridium and precious metal coating, form the competitive edge of our technology and are tailored to the individual requirements of each customer. Since the electrodes are not separated by a membrane or a diaphragm, only one medium (NADES 2.0) is generated (one-chamber system).

The NADES 2.0 generator consists of an electrical cabinet, including the control unit, and a water cabinet. Inside the water cabinet the electrolytic cell, salt pump, water pump and a fan are installed. A visual alarm is also installed to make system failures quickly and easily visible.

NADES 2.0 has a content of free available chlorine of about 5,000 ppm, a pH of about 9.5, strong oxidizing properties and a broad spectrum of activity against microorganisms.

Our NADES 2.0 generators are available from 80 gr / h Cl2 up to 1600 gr / h Cl2 as standard, higher capacities available on request. All generators are equipped with a SIEMENS PLC control and a discharge of the hydrogen formed.

  • Housing material:               anodized aluminum
  • Color:                                     7302 GREY BLACK METALLIC
  • Water softener:                    integrated in device
  • Necessary connections:      exhaust air, electricity, water, drainage

Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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