Disinfection of drinking water

Safety with the aquagroup systems:  NADES 2.0 decontaminate a system very quickly and provide reliable protection from germs.

The NADES 2.0 made in aquagroup systems is fed into the customer’s pipeline system using a metering pump by volume, thus ensuring that the drinking water is free of germs.

A small supply NADES 2.0 is sufficient to reduce the bio-film and to prevent it reforming permanently. NADES 2.0 is not aggressive to material and NADES  is pH neutral; in the recommended concentrations it is only as corrosive as drinking water. The destruction of germs in drinking water pipes takes place in a matter of seconds and results in a significant degradation of the deposited bio-film. The system is then kept free of germs permanently from that time by means of a continuous supply of NADES 2.0.

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Note: Use Biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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